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SHADES EXTRA VOLUME CONDITIONER W/ LEMON & CYPRESS OIL is enriched with Nanofilaments. This lightweight conditioner thickens each hair shaft from deep within. Protects hair from the heat styling used to create voluminous locks. The results are thicker, healthier, more beautiful hair.

Extreme Volume Conditioner Whls

    -Minimizes breakage.
    -Reduces fallout.
    -Japanese Herbals soothe scalp and nourish hair follicles, increasing hair bulb size to reduce hair.
    -Restores weakened or damaged hair.
    -Expands hair’s thickness.
    -Increases blood circulation Improves flexibility.
    -Removes toxins.

    -Soy Protein provides flexible structure for thin or weak hair.
    -Hyaluronic Acid strengthens, conditions and replenishes hair providing flexibility and shine.
    -Açai Berry Extract, rich in antioxidants and natural caffeine, stimulates the scalp and protects hair against free radical damage and oxidation.
    -UV Protectants guard hair and shield color against the sun’s damaging rays.

    INSTRUCTIONS: After cleansing with Extreme Volume Shampoo, apply a small amount of conditioner to the ends of hair, then work up the hair shaft. Massage into scalp. Leave on 5 to 15 minutes, depending on condition of hair. Rinse completely. Clients with oilier scalps should consider using the Extreme Conditioner every other shampoo, concentrating on the ends and away from the scalp, and using the Extreme Lift after every shampoo.
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