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SHADES SHINE SPRAY W/ SANDALWOOD and PATCHOULI can be used as a finishing spray applied on completed style. To use as a working spray, apply before ironing to protect the hair and adds slip to flat iron.

Shades Shine Spray Whsl

    -Silken and smooths hair.
    -Stress reducing scent.
    -Protects against moisture loss.
    -Provides long-lasting shine.
    -Seals cuticle.
    -Anti-static and eliminates frizz.
    -Guards against color fading.

    -Patchouli has a cooling and moisturizing effect on the skin.
    -Calming Sandalwood alleviates stress and anxiety, moisturizing on dry skin.
    -Natural Oils and Silicones smooth the cuticle.
    -Botanicals nourish and moisturize hair.
    -Vitamins silken and smooth hair.

    INSTRUCTIONS: Spray a fine mist on finished style, holding bottle six inches away from hair.
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