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SHADES ARGAN OIL SERUM is a cuticle sealant for radiant luster. A unique finishing product to smooth the cuticle, polishing the hair to a gloss like shine. Argan Oil strengthens, moisturizes, repairs and adds shine to the hair. Eliminates the frizzies and ends static electricity. Combines beautifully with gels and mousses for a sleek polished look. Sunscreen is added to protect hair from sun damage. For all hair types.

Shades Argan Oil Serum

    -Mends split ends.
    -Prevents breakage.
    -Restores shine.
    -Strengthens and conditions.
    -Eliminates frizz and static.

    -Argan Oil strengthens, moisturizes,repairs and adds shine to the hair.
    -Silicone smooths the cuticle while providing great shine.

    INSTRUCTIONS: After shampooing and conditioning hair, apply a small amount to hand. Apply to hair. Style as desired. Can be used on wet or dry hair.
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