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SHADES BOTANICAL LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER W/ SAGE, LAVENDER, & PEPPERMINT (4oz.) is a  truly unique leave-in conditioner that actually retexturizes hair and inhibits breakage, allowing hair to look more healthy. Gives hair abundant volume and shine. For all hair types.

Shades Botanical Leave-in Conditioner

    -Inhibits breakage.
    -Repairs damaged hair & restores manageability.
    -Protects against heat styling.
    -Strengthens and detangles hair.

    -Sage stimulates hair growth and controls oil production.
    -Lavender relieves itchy scalp and dandruff.
    -Peppermint moisturizes hair shaft.
    -Wheat Protein strengthens, builds body, reduces porosity, and improves shine, luster and smoothness.
    -Panthenol retains hair’s moisture. Its molecular structure allows it to attract moisture from the atmosphere and bind to water molecules preventing dehydration.
    -Aloe stimulates the production of new hair and may even lessen the effects of thinning hair. Loaded with an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals, it restores the strength of the hair.
    -Honey's antibacterial and hydrating properties rejuvenates and provides the hair with the moisture that it needs and makes the hair manageable.
    -Lecithin support the regeneration of the hair and keeps hair moisturized while restoring the natural protective coating of hair.
    -Spirulina, rich in protein, nourishes the hair maintaining healthy, shiny and sleek hair.
    -Vitamin E increases the circulation of blood in the scalp, Enhances the texture and quality of hair. It is widely used in the treatment of hair-loss and other scalp disorders.

    INSTRUCTIONS: Apply to clean damp hair prior to styling. Squeeze a dime sized amount onto palm. Work into ends and other sections of hair that suffer the stress of daily styling. Do not rinse out. Follow with your favorite styling product. Use as needed.
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