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SHADES DEEP CLEANSING SHAMPOO W/ TEA TREE, LEMON, PEPPERMENT, & SAGE (8oz.) is a deep cleansing shampoo of all hair types. Clarifying agents combined with a botanical blend of essential oils of Peppermint and Tea Tree, citrus extracts and Witch Hazel removes buildup on the hair. Recommended for use prior to chemical services or prior to a deep conditioning treatment.

Shades Deep Cleansing Shampoo

    -Stimulate and purifies scalp.
    -Cleanse properties -fights oily hair.
    -Stimulate cell metabolism and growth.
    -Balances pH and normalizes oil production.
    -Fights itchiness.
    -Removes styling product buildup.
    -Removes chlorine residue.
    -Removes hard water minerals.
    -Will not fade color or change curl pattern.
    -Tingling sensation stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

    -Tea Tree stimulate and purifies scalp.
    -Lemon deep cleansing properties -fights oily hair.
    -Sage stimulates cell metabolism and growth.
    -Peppermint balances pH and normalizes oil production, fights itchiness.
    -Aloe removes product build up.
    -Citrus Fruits Extracts.
    -Papaya Fruit Extract removes build up and adds shine to dull, lifeless hair.
    -Witch Hazel remove chlorine residue, buildup from styling products and minerals left by hard water.

    INSTRUCTIONS: Apply a small amount of shampoo to wet hair. Work into lather, rinse and repeat if necessary. Follow with stylist recommended conditioner.
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