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Our Shades Sculpting Trio of Essential Oil, Paul Mitchell Foam Pomade and Shades Mix is great for sculpting, setting, wrapping, twisting and scrunching all hair types and textures. Items can be purchased individually.

- Shades Essential Oil 8 oz.
- Shades Foam Pomade 4.2 oz.
- Shades Mix 16 oz.

Shades Sculpting Trio

$60.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
  • Directions: After shampooing and conditioning hair, apply a quarter sized Shades Essential Oil to wet hair. Distribute evenly. Apply a quarter sized amount of Foaming Pommade to your palm. Emulsify (rub hands together briefly). Wait 5 seconds for the product to foam and rub hands together again. Apply to the hair. Apply a generous amount of The Mix to the hair. Lather slightly.. Comb into desired style. Air dry or dry under hooded dryer.
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