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SHADES THINNING SCALP THERAPEUTIC OIL is a stimulating essential oil blend designed to stimulate hair growth. The root of the thinning scalp problem often lies with the hair follicles and the system deep within the dermal layer of the scalp.  Hair loss (alopecia) can be caused by many factors, such as: genetics, hormonal imbalance, skin conditions, thyroid problems, nutritional deficiencies, chronic stress, harsh dyes, side effects of certain medications and more. This formula increases oxygen to the root of the hair, which helps to revitalize cells of the scalp, skin and entire system, ridding the body of carbon dioxide and other toxins. Natural hair loss often occurs due to the aging process, when the hair follicles begin to shrink and produce thinner hair with a shorter life span see Shades Regenerative Therapeutic Oils.

Shades Thinning Scalp Therapeutic Oil

    -Clary Sage - the most regenerative and stimulating of all the oils used in hair care.

    -Rosemary - premier hair growth enhancing essential oils, increases cellular metabolism, thereby stimulating healthy hair growth. Successfully used in alopecia areata treatment.

    -Cedarwood - stimulates scalp and hair follicles, used to treat hair loss and dandruff Antiseptic and astringent.

    -Ylang Ylang - increases the thickness of the hair shaft, reduce stress, resulting in thicker hair. Can have a balancing effect on scalp oil production, and may help with split ends.

    INSTRUCTIONS: Apply approximately 15 to 20 drops of Shades Thinning Scalp Therapeutic Oil to the scalp, Massage scalp. Apply a steamed towel and process, with heat, for 20 minutes. Shampoo with Shades Deep Cleansing Shampoo. Rinse and treat hair with Shades Repair Treatment or an appropriate Shades' conditioner.

    For a leave-in treatment: Apply 5 to 10 drops to sclap area. Massage. Great for natural hair, braids and other protective hairstyles.

  • To use as a leave-in scalp treatment: Apply 5 to 10 drops to the scalp. Massage scalp and distribute oil to the ends of hair. Cover hair at bedtime to keep in moisture.

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